Expert Witness

Expert Witness

Mark McGarragh MRICS is a Director of PLS can assist you if there is a requirement for an Expert Witness in relation to boundaries or any other Land Surveying related case.

With a thorough knowledge of the pre and post appointment process we can also assist by:

  • Constructing comprehensive Expert Witness reports compliant with Court Procedure Rules (CPR) part 35.
  • Cooperating constructively with other experts if required
  • Delivering expert evidence in court

Mark recently completed the RICS expert witness certificate course and is fully conversant with the requirements of an Expert Witness in survey related matters.

Mark’s CV can be provided if necessary and his Expert Witness Certificate is shown below

For further information with regards to Surveyors acting as Expert Witnesses, the client guide for Surveyors acting as an expert witnesses, 4thEdition can be downloaded at the following link:

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