Environment Agency (EA) Compliant Surveys

Environment Agency (EA) Compliant Surveys

PLS are experienced and competent in producing surveys compliant with the Environment Agencies (EA) National Standard Contract and Specifications for Surveying Services.

Surveys compliant with the EA specification PLS can provide include:

  • Survey Control installation -horizontal and vertical control using methods such as GNSS and spirit levelling. Stations of various grades can be provided dependent on client requirements.  Deliverables include station pro-forma diagrams and survey reports.
  • Topographic Surveys.
  • Flood bank levels – accurate level information and 2D positions on the lowest points along flood defences running alongside channels, rivers and lakes.
  • Channel Surveys including:
  1. Open Channel Cross-sections
  2. Structures including bridges, culverts, weirs and gauge boards
  3. Long Sections

Deliverables can include:

  1. Sections in CAD and PDF format
  2. EACSD format
  3. ISIS (flood modeller)
  4. Photography of all cross-sections
  • Building Threshold Surveys – Accurate threshold surveys of buildings using spirit/digital levelling techniques to +/- 10mm in accuracy to the Ordnance Survey level datum.

More comprehensive surveys of properties can be provided if required to gain an understanding of the level of the lowest apertures that will allow water ingress into an individual property.

  • Hydrographic Surveys – bathymetric surveys using echo-sounding techniques or rivers, inland water bodies or harbours.

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