Boundary Services

Whether it is positioning undefined boundaries or assisting in resolving boundary disputes between neighbours, we're on hand in every element of property boundaries.
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Land Registry Compliant Plans

Professional Land Surveys can assist in the land registering or transfer process by producing high quality plans which will be accepted by the Land Registry.
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Expert Witness

PLS can assist you if there is a requirement for an Expert Witness in relation to boundaries or any other Land Surveying related case.
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PLS will undertake detailed, accurate land surveys small and large (from a single plot to large multi-acre developments) across the UK and further afield.
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Laser Scanning / 3D Modelling

Laser Scanners are used for a wide range of surveying tasks and produce point clouds which can be used to create 3D models.
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Professional Consultancy

PLS is chartered survey company and is regulated by the RICS. We will be happy to provide professional consultation and advice in many areas of land surveying.
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Measured Building Surveys

We provide a complete range of measured building survey services including; floor plans, sections, structural details and elevations.
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Verified Views Surveys

Accurate survey data and imagery to assist in the production of verified views for proposed developments.
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Additional Services:

Deformation Monitoring

Measurement and tracking of the alteration in the shape or dimensions of an object such as building or structure as a result of stresses induced by applied loads.
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Utility Surveys

Utility Surveys will be carried out in accordance with PAS 128:2014 specification for underground utility detection, verification and location published by BSI.
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Environment Agency (EA) Compliant Surveys

PLS are experienced and competent in producing surveys compliant with the Environment Agencies (EA) National Standard Contract and Specifications for Surveying Services.
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Why Choose Us?

Professional Land Surveys

Chartered Surveyors

Regulated by RICS

Prioritising Safety

Innovative and Cost Effective