Boundary Surveys

Boundary Surveys

Professional Land Surveys (PLS) are Chartered Land Surveyors and are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

PLS offer an initial free telephone consultation if you think you have a boundary or right of way problem with a neighbour. If you want to proceed further, we then offer a site consultation of approximately one hour to discuss the problem, look at the site and study any documentation. Some basic measurements might be taken if necessary. Advice will be given at the end of the consultation with regards to how you could proceed with your boundary issue.

Accurate site surveys can be undertaken and boundary demarcation if required.

Reports can be produced compliant with Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) part 35 which will be acceptable in a court of law and we can provide an expert witness who can testify in a court of law.

Further services related to boundaries include:

  • Determined Boundary Plans/Surveys
  • Land Registry compliant plans for registrations and transfers
  • Boundary Demarcation Surveys

What happens if a boundary disagreement arises?

A minor disagreement can quickly become a full-scale dispute involving solicitors’ letters and threats of court action. Ultimately, the cost of protecting your right to land in court could be prohibitive so it pays to think hard before rushing into legal action.

The key to resolving a dispute speedily and successfully is to seek expert advice as soon as possible. In the first instance, this advice should be from a chartered land surveyor. At PLS, we’re here to help you resolve any boundary dispute and if needs be, can act as an expert witness

Why choose us for boundary disputes?

  • we specialise in boundary work
  • we have a wealth of experience in mapping and land surveys
  • we can interpret aerial photographs
  • we are familiar with the latest civil procedure rules and experienced in preparing reports for court
  • we’re capable of serving as an expert witness in court

The red line on the Land Registry title plan only shows the general boundary and does not define the exact legal boundary. A boundary can change over time for any reason. These changes are rarely recorded and can lead to disputes, which is where our expertise makes the difference in any dispute.

For more information on selecting the right chartered land surveyor for you, use the helpful guide created by RICS: 

Client Testimonial:

“This was always going to be a challenging job both in terms of access and with the tree cover. Mark came totally equipped with an array of equipment to cover all eventualities and was unphased by the various obstacles – both physical and technical! I was impressed with his thoroughness, attention to detail, and willingness to adapt to the situation on the ground. He provided everything I was after plus some more and I ended up with both a well staked-out boundary line as well as detailed mapping showing measurements in relation to our bat house and fencing. All in all, a most professional job carried out in a friendly, efficient manner by someone who clearly loves his work. I’d highly recommend Mark.”


– Antony McKay

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